When Kids Travel Alone By Air


Every summer we head up to the hills where we are blessed to have a home. Quite literally we are out on the first flight on the first day of summer holidays. Delhi is a sweltering 45deg + by the time we set off. There was a time when I’d stay on there until the last weekend before schools re-opened. Off late, however, with label shabel taking off and business shaping up, for many reasons it now is the busiest time of the year for us. Which means no 2 month long breaks for me anymore!

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Pick up your socks.


There is nothing metaphorical about the title. It quite literally is what it says – pick up your socks! My house is littered with socks strewn about all over the place. Under the dining table, on  the bed sides, in the various different pairs of shoes worn in one day – from uniform socks in school shoes, smelly football shoes in a dirty pair of studs,  socks outside the shoe cupboard, in work shoes switched for walking shoes. And the most frustrating of them all – BESIDES the laundry basket! No not inside cause that would mean lifting the lid to put them in which would imply an effort to put them where they belong.

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Get Ready with your Kids’ School Accessories During this Summer Vacation


Let us move forward and continue with the preparations to be made for school going kids during this summer vacation. We had discussed the labels for uniforms and tiffin boxes in our last post [Get Ready with your Kids’ School Accessories During this Summer Vacation]. Check out for these cool ideas too, so that your kids get organized as they start preparing to go back to school.

It is a fact to remember that kids love to see personalized labels on their clothes, books, tiffin boxes, and so forth. As mentioned earlier, the kids going to the same school would carry the similar type of school bags too and obviously, the school bag labels should not be spared in the list.

There are several branded companies who manufacture and sell the complete set of labels that are helpful for school going kids. The versatile labels for the kids with its playful designs attract the kids and also help them to keep their things organized. A few parents are innovative in sending their kids back to school with special goodies like chocolate bars or pencils to be gifted for their close friends. It would be a great idea if the chocolate bar or the pencil are gift-wrapped and stuck with Best wishes labels. Though it seems to be a small thing, it creates emotional bonding between classmates when they meet each other after the vacation. The glory lit up in the face of the friends upon receiving the gifts is a sensitive thing that reflects in co-operative living throughout the academics.

Apart from buying labels and other things at their personal level, the institute also sells labels along with other stationeries while submitting the fee for the next academics. The school labels carry the logo or saying of the school and one has to buy it and paste it on books to maintain a uniform standard. The schools have a contract with the specific label manufacturers and they prepare the labels customized for their schools and thus it is mandatory to buy them from the school itself. So, it is recommended that not to buy the labels or the name stickers to be pasted on the books before hand.

Whoever buys the labels either from school or at personal level, they are meant for teaching the kids the art of organizing things creatively and systematically like the similar types like school books; another type for tiffin box, water bottle, and other boxes meant for foodie stuff; stationery items like compass box, pencil box, stapler, colors box, and, etc.; clothings; and so forth. Moreover, there will be no chance to lose items at school or the camp.

In a nutshell, it is the duty of every parent to make sure everything is in order for their kids as the first bell for the new academic is about to ring.

Get Ready with your Kids’ School Accessories During this Summer Vacation


It’s summer vacation and kids are home playfully running here and there, taking time for vacation homework and enjoying the holidays to its fullest. But, it may not be the easy going task for the parents. It’s high time for almost all parents to run behind their kids for maintaining home discipline, make them do their homework, and so forth.

Above all these things, this is the most appropriate and leisurely time to stitch new uniforms, buy tiffin boxes, shoes, stationeries, stock notebooks, and other accessories.
Obviously, several homes have kids going to the same school and carry a similar type of tiffin boxes too, apart from the school uniforms, night dresses, shoes, water bottles, and, etc.

Image: School supplies

Though it would be a nice and entertaining morning scene where children try to catch the dress that comes in hand and own for it, the tension for working mothers could be relieved by using labels for clothing. It is an appropriate method to keep the similar kind of dresses organized. And, it is the most simple and effective way to make our busy lives feel organized. Moreover, it inculcates discipline from the childhood itself for a neat life during and after schooling.

To make the task of working mothers easier, these days ready-made uniform labels are available carrying initials, colors, or any other stuff for demarcation. They need not spend time on stitching the additional piece of clothes and sewing names. As it is holiday time for kids, the mothers have a plenty of time to surf the Internet for fancy kind of labels, design their kids may like, new colours, and unique labels.

Needless to say, the stitching of labels task is also freed because of availability of iron-on labels. It is easy and quick to apply with the household iron. It could be applied to most of the clothes’ materials, fabrics, and wool. And the types of clothing like T-shirts, jumpers, trousers, skirts, coats, hats, caps, blankets, gloves, and teddy too.

They are available as customized labels, designer pieces like large, round, medium, small, designer shape, and, etc. They are machine washable and durable. They do not get peeled off as it has an adhesive back.

And, the task of labelling is not yet over. There are tiffin boxes too that has the right owner. Mention not to say, there are tiffin labels also. While buying them, one should be careful to know that they are water-proof and microwave safe as well. These tiffin labels could be used in hostels, paying guest rooms also as a lot number of tiffin boxes get accumulated for wash and filling food. A clear label would help the inmates to identify their boxes.

Indeed, sticking or ironing the labels while kids are around enjoying the holidays is a real fun at home. And, keeping the things in an organized way is the learning for the growing kids.

Be Ready to Send your Kids to A Camp Week

Be Ready to Send your Kids to A Camp Week

It’s finally here- camp week at school. From the time the email announcing the venue and details arrived from school, there has been a non-stop volley of questions, instructions, lists and what not from my little one. We have prepared our camping name stickers, neatly labelled every item from torch to toothpaste, used our Iron on labels on everything from socks to raincoat.

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The Significance of Labels for Business


When we go out for shopping and come across any product, we make an attempt to identify it by reading the labels. It is a common habit to read labels on grocery items,jewellery, clothes, home appliances, electronics, and so forth. Nevertheless, to say, it could be rightly called as the branding material from a business perspective.

Thus, the start-ups, small or the large business owners must be cautious while designing and defining their products on the simple and small-sized labels on their products. The design and content of it influence the buyers prompting them to purchase the products. To make it foolproof, preferring a waterproof label(s) would be the right choice.

The labels could be used for various purposes in businesses. For instance, to inform about the brand; the logo; instructions to use; basic information of the product,statuatory warnings regarding the product usage; expiry date; MRP; operational instruction; contact information, and more. Thus, a label serves as an identifiable marker for a brand and as the brand gets established, people tend to buy the products associated with it just by seeing the logo sticker. It serves as an authentic and easy way to help the consumers to associate the products and the concerned brand. The businesses may use even the waterproof stickers to establish their identity with the consumers and also to compete with their larger competitors.

The waterproof materials are preferred to others as it increases the durability and protects from moisture. They are generally available serving for both the laser and inkjet printers. They are of various kinds as embossed foils, thermal, tamper resistant, and so forth which could be availed as per the products or the business concerned. And, thus are ideal for labelling products like bottles, food containers, beauty products, bath items, and, etc., that are prone to liquid exposure or heavy use.

Let us look into more advantages that a waterproof label may provide.

  • It is easy to remove as they leave no residue.
  • They are the best underwater, in refrigerators, and humid weather conditions.
  • It could be printed in various colours and carry a rich and smooth texture.
  • There is no fear of getting softened, wrinkled or bubbled.
  • It is easy to reposition or apply as they stretch a little.
  • It could be written, erased or rewritten easily.

Moving further, before you book labels for your company, it is necessary to consider certain points so as to make them credible for the business.

  • They should be visible from a distance
  • The colours and sizes must stand out from the competitors
  • Pick a simple and crystal clear design
  • Choose bright colour and readable font colour and size
  • Background and font colour must be in contrast and match with each other
  • Add the details and the logo of the company

In a nutshell, the product labels must be attractive, beautiful and sensible to gain the attraction of the customers and establish the brand identity with the users. It serves a long way to uphold the brand in the market.

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Specifications For Designing Customized Labels


Labels and stickers have been serving as an identification essential since a long time. But these are no longer limited for use by school children, as corporates, small businesses, and organizations require them for diverse purposes. People use them as gifts for birthdays, weddings, and corporate events, as well as a part of the business promotional strategy. The concept of customization has become popular with labels too as people want to have such ones which reflect their personal tastes. Various creative ideas can be used for designing customized name stickers and labels. Several specifications can be considered to put these ideas together and craft unique ones for individual requirements. Here are a few of these:

Shape And Size:

The shape and size of custom made labels are decided on the basis of personal choice and the purpose these labels are going to be used for. For instance, labels for business are preferably simple in design and not too large in size. Business owners can have these shaped like the company logo. On the other hand, return gift stickers for birthday parties should be more prominent in size and of fancy designs. They can even be printed with specialized cartoon characters that children love.



Another specification that is used to design a customized label is the colour. Again, the purpose decides the colour for these. Bright colours are ideal for school labels that are to be used on bags, books, water bottles, and lunch boxes. Similarly, the ones used for weddings and festive gifts should be vibrant in colours. Those meant for corporate events look better in subdued tones. Ideally, businesses can match the colours with their brand logos.



The basic idea behind the concept of customization is to have labels with names printed on them. Those who want to use these for identification purposes can have their names inked on them. The ones to be used for gifting can mark the occasion, such as a birthday, a marriage anniversary, or a wedding. Labels for promotional purposes can have company name and/or logo printed on them. Some people may have special text such as quotations printed on the customized ones.



It is best to use a durable and sturdy material for custom labels so that they can be used over a long period of time. Tags and stickers for children’s stuff should be tear-proof. Shoe labels and water bottle labels should be made in water-proof material, while those designed for lunch boxes are to be microwave-safe and freezer-safe too. Uniform labels are best crafted in iron-on materials as these are easy to apply on clothing and stay on for a long time.

Having a perfect label crafted on demand is no longer a problem as there are several online sellers engaged in creating customized ones. It is possible to have unique labels for special purposes and occasions by providing the desired specifications to the suppleirs. The buyer can first ask them for a sample label and then order in bulk once the sample is approved.

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