Be Ready to Send your Kids to A Camp Week

Be Ready to Send your Kids to A Camp Week

It’s finally here- camp week at school. From the time the email announcing the venue and details arrived from school, there has been a non-stop volley of questions, instructions, lists and what not from my little one. We have prepared our camping name stickers, neatly labelled every item from torch to toothpaste, used our Iron on labels on everything from socks to raincoat.

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The Significance of Labels for Business


When we go out for shopping and come across any product, we make an attempt to identify it by reading the labels. It is a common habit to read labels on grocery items,jewellery, clothes, home appliances, electronics, and so forth. Nevertheless, to say, it could be rightly called as the branding material from a business perspective.

Thus, the start-ups, small or the large business owners must be cautious while designing and defining their products on the simple and small-sized labels on their products. The design and content of it influence the buyers prompting them to purchase the products. To make it foolproof, preferring a waterproof label(s) would be the right choice.

The labels could be used for various purposes in businesses. For instance, to inform about the brand; the logo; instructions to use; basic information of the product,statuatory warnings regarding the product usage; expiry date; MRP; operational instruction; contact information, and more. Thus, a label serves as an identifiable marker for a brand and as the brand gets established, people tend to buy the products associated with it just by seeing the logo sticker. It serves as an authentic and easy way to help the consumers to associate the products and the concerned brand. The businesses may use even the waterproof stickers to establish their identity with the consumers and also to compete with their larger competitors.

The waterproof materials are preferred to others as it increases the durability and protects from moisture. They are generally available serving for both the laser and inkjet printers. They are of various kinds as embossed foils, thermal, tamper resistant, and so forth which could be availed as per the products or the business concerned. And, thus are ideal for labelling products like bottles, food containers, beauty products, bath items, and, etc., that are prone to liquid exposure or heavy use.

Let us look into more advantages that a waterproof label may provide.

  • It is easy to remove as they leave no residue.
  • They are the best underwater, in refrigerators, and humid weather conditions.
  • It could be printed in various colours and carry a rich and smooth texture.
  • There is no fear of getting softened, wrinkled or bubbled.
  • It is easy to reposition or apply as they stretch a little.
  • It could be written, erased or rewritten easily.

Moving further, before you book labels for your company, it is necessary to consider certain points so as to make them credible for the business.

  • They should be visible from a distance
  • The colours and sizes must stand out from the competitors
  • Pick a simple and crystal clear design
  • Choose bright colour and readable font colour and size
  • Background and font colour must be in contrast and match with each other
  • Add the details and the logo of the company

In a nutshell, the product labels must be attractive, beautiful and sensible to gain the attraction of the customers and establish the brand identity with the users. It serves a long way to uphold the brand in the market.

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Specifications For Designing Customized Labels


Labels and stickers have been serving as an identification essential since a long time. But these are no longer limited for use by school children, as corporates, small businesses, and organizations require them for diverse purposes. People use them as gifts for birthdays, weddings, and corporate events, as well as a part of the business promotional strategy. The concept of customization has become popular with labels too as people want to have such ones which reflect their personal tastes. Various creative ideas can be used for designing customized name stickers and labels. Several specifications can be considered to put these ideas together and craft unique ones for individual requirements. Here are a few of these:

Shape And Size:

The shape and size of custom made labels are decided on the basis of personal choice and the purpose these labels are going to be used for. For instance, labels for business are preferably simple in design and not too large in size. Business owners can have these shaped like the company logo. On the other hand, return gift stickers for birthday parties should be more prominent in size and of fancy designs. They can even be printed with specialized cartoon characters that children love.



Another specification that is used to design a customized label is the colour. Again, the purpose decides the colour for these. Bright colours are ideal for school labels that are to be used on bags, books, water bottles, and lunch boxes. Similarly, the ones used for weddings and festive gifts should be vibrant in colours. Those meant for corporate events look better in subdued tones. Ideally, businesses can match the colours with their brand logos.



The basic idea behind the concept of customization is to have labels with names printed on them. Those who want to use these for identification purposes can have their names inked on them. The ones to be used for gifting can mark the occasion, such as a birthday, a marriage anniversary, or a wedding. Labels for promotional purposes can have company name and/or logo printed on them. Some people may have special text such as quotations printed on the customized ones.



It is best to use a durable and sturdy material for custom labels so that they can be used over a long period of time. Tags and stickers for children’s stuff should be tear-proof. Shoe labels and water bottle labels should be made in water-proof material, while those designed for lunch boxes are to be microwave-safe and freezer-safe too. Uniform labels are best crafted in iron-on materials as these are easy to apply on clothing and stay on for a long time.

Having a perfect label crafted on demand is no longer a problem as there are several online sellers engaged in creating customized ones. It is possible to have unique labels for special purposes and occasions by providing the desired specifications to the suppleirs. The buyer can first ask them for a sample label and then order in bulk once the sample is approved.

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How Are Labels Used For Different Purposes


Personal identification is an essential that is required at every stage of life. Whether it is a school-going child or a working professional, every person looks to identify their personal belongings. Naming labels come up as a great solution for various requirements, from school uniform labels to corporate identification cards. Also, the option of custom-made ones designed according to individual taste and preferences can be explored.

Here are labels that can be used for various purposes:

  • For School Going Children

Labels are a necessity for school-going children, particularly the younger ones who are more likely to mix up their things with others. Whether it is their bags, books, tiffins, pencil boxes, water bottles, or any other stuff, these need to carry the name of the child. This is where name tags and bag tags come to the rescue of mothers whose children keep losing their things at school.

  • For Uniform Identification

Besides labels for day scholars, students of boarding schools require special ones for uniform identification. The iron-on ones make the best type for them as these are easy to apply and last long. Customised labels with the child’s name can be put on every piece of their clothing to prevent them from being mixed up with other children’s garments. These are also useful for children and adults who are part of sports’ teams. Using them for identification of shoes is another good idea as shoes are most likely to be mixed up.

  • For Gift Purposes

Customized labels make excellent gift options for birthday parties, weddings, and corporate events. Children love colourful book labels with their favourite cartoon characters. Similarly, those for tiffins, water bottles, and bags can make memorable gifts for the little ones. The ones which are gifted should not only be good looking but useful too. For instance, tiffin labels need to be waterproof and microwave-safe. These make a unique idea for wedding gifts and theme gatherings too. Small businesses go for customized ones to promote their products as well as create awareness for their brands.

  • For Corporate Sector

Customized labels and printed ribbons are useful for corporates too. They can have their company name and logos printed on them. These are used in making identification cards for the employees. Also, companies use them as a part of their corporate events.

There are several sellers engaged in supplying labels for all purposes. Buyers should look for the ones which are not only eye-catching but also durable, waterproof, tear-proof, and microwave-safe.

Custom Labels For Diverse Purposes


Personal identification of things is important for people, whether at school, work, or any private gathering. Name labels have come as a feasible solution for identifying one’s personal stuff and making sure that it is not lost or exchanged with someone else’s. The customized ones make an even better alternative because these carry the name or initials as a personal hallmark of the owner. These serve diverse purposes for diverse requirements.

  • Schools:  The biggest woe of mothers of school-going children is that they often lose their things or get them mixed with those of other children. Having personalized identification for their bags, lunch boxes, water bottles, and books is a good idea. For children studying in a boarding school, labels for clothing is a must. Additionally, their sports equipment should also be labeled to make sure that these are not lost in the playground. Customized labels can be designed according to the taste and preference of the child. It is a good idea to have contact details on them so that the misplaced item can be returned to the owner. Waterproof name labels make a great choice for things that are used outdoors as they are more likely to be damaged otherwise.
  • Businesses: Labels and stickers make excellent marketing materials for businesses. Sellers can attach attractive, custom-made business name labels on the goods to popularize them in the market. These can be used as a brand image, with specifications like brand name, logo, product name, and more depicted on it. Businesses can also use these on promotional events and as part of gift schemes. Big organizations also require personalized ribbons with the company name inked on them. These ribbons are used for making employee id cards.
  • Private Events: Besides finding extensive use in schools and corporate sector, custom made labels make a great gifting option too. Children would love to get some attractive DIY iron on labels as return gifts on birthday parties. Personalized ones on wedding invitations are a good idea for creating lasting memories. These can be used at private event and theme parties also.

Several online sellers are engaged in designing custom labels according to the requirements of the clients. They offer impeccable variety in colors, patterns, and designs. Besides making sure that these are attractive, buyers should look for durable, waterproof and tear-proof ones.

Tips to choose the best kids labels

Tips to choose the best kids labels

If you have school-going children, you must be well aware of the identification crisis with their stuff. There are times when they may come home carrying a blazer, pencil box or even a bag of a classmate. Kids labels make a great way to resolve this problem as you can put them on clothes, bags, water bottles, lunch boxes and practically, everything that children carry to school. These labels not only establish the ownership of the stuff but also help you locate lost objects in school or hostel. Whether you buy labels online or from the market, there are some things you need to take care of so that you get the best. Here are some tips to help:

Get Customized Labels

School labels should carry all the relevant information that may be needed for identifying the child’s stuff. The child’s name or initials are required in particular, while you can also have the class inked on the labels. Woven labels carrying initials can be bought but it is a good idea to look for customized ones. There are several online websites which specialize in crafting such labels which are custom made according to the buyer’s needs. They offer unique design features, such as printing/weaving the name in upper or lower case. You can even have your contact details added to them so that the lost stuff can be returned to you.

Check Out How to Apply Them

Whether you are buying school bag labels or those for clothes, or lunch boxes, you need to know how to apply them. There are various options such as the stick-on or iron-on and even ones that can be stitched. The labels need to be applied as per the instructions so that they stay on the bag or clothing. If you shop online, you can have a look at the ‘How To’ videos which most of the websites provide.

Look for Quality and Durability

The quality and durability are major concerns with labels for children’s stuff. Look for the brands that use superior quality, eco-friendly materials. High-quality labels would be tear-proof, water- proof and fray-proof. Also, the labels should be durable and sturdy enough to withstand frequent machine-washing and dry-cleaning. Lunch box labels should be microwave-safe.

The Labels should be Attractive

And last but not the least, the labels and bag tags should be attractive in color and design. Children love to have the ones designed with their favorite animated characters, superheroes and fun icons. The market is flooded with variety and kids have lots of options to pick from.

Whether you are looking to shop for labels online or from brand stores, these tips would be handy to pick the right ones.

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